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Aug 21, 2021


Natasha Shazana Evans is co-founder of Soko, a female empowered bra brand based in Malaysia. Soko prioritizes comfort, represents everyday women and makes bra shopping fun.
Natasha is a first-time founder that left her corporate role in New York City behind to pursue the entrepreneurship route because she strongly believes that bra shopping demands a new standard – one that aligns to the values of women today, feels relatable, and brings joy to an otherwise frustrating experience. 
Natasha is also passionate about supporting local brands and startups, sharing stories through her IGTV series of founder interviews called satu-on-satu. Prior to founding Soko, Natasha was a private equity principal at Morgan Stanley. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Marketing from Northeastern University.

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