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Jul 4, 2021

Aprille Franks, CEO & President of Aprille & Co. is a master community builder and digital product launch strategist to WOMXN. Her super power is galvanizing online communities, social media content marketing and sales. Aprille’s mission is to close the gender pay gap by helping women make more money through entrepreneurship; which allows her clients to also create job opportunities that pay women fairly. Her clients are coaches, subject matter experts and speakers looking to change their life, impact others and make a great living while doing it WITHOUT subscribing to hustle culture.

Driven and non-negotiable when it comes to success, Aprille honed her business acumen while managing eight-figure real estate portfolios for real estate investment teams. She was earning multiple six figures as a sought-after consultant when the market crashed in 2008 and she went bankrupt. Determined to rebuild, she discovered a love for transformational business coaching and training. Aprille did what big-picture thinkers do and created a model to teach other women the way -- without sacrificing their sanity, families or integrity.

Also a five times author and a two times film producer, Aprille creates powerful content across various platforms and believes sharing content is the best way for women’s stories/expertise to be told.

Aprille really enjoys travel, family and connecting with friends while living in Las Vegas.




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