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May 30, 2021


It’s no secret that working in a male-dominated industry as a woman has its drawbacks. From getting screamed at by bosses to being overlooked by male colleagues and judged by other women, René Murata has experienced it all.

But after 15 years of navigating the challenges of working as a female physicist alongside male chemical engineers, she began to realize that the mold she had been forcing herself into just didn’t fit. Then, once she set up her own consulting business in the area of process safety management, she started to play around with her management style, and soon found something that was empowering both to herself and the people she was leading.

Now a Transformational Leadership Coach, too, she draws on the experience she has gained in learning to lead with compassion, and has developed a teachable methodology to help others do the same.  She understands that the essence of our being is rooted in love, and that in order to get the best out of people as a manager, we must draw on that. It is her belief that feminine power is very often missing from leadership, and as a result she has found that combining business strategies with the “soft skills” so often attributed to women is the best way to effectively manage both teams and individuals.

With plenty of credentials to her name, including an MBA in Global Enterprise Management, two Bachelor’s degrees in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics and several years in management roles, Rene’ is the ideal coach for women who want to lead with both power and compassion, without giving up who they are.

Born in Colorado and now living in Italy with her husband, she applies her leadership ethos to everything she does, determined as she is to live her life with consideration and self-belief.




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