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Dec 25, 2019


Vibecke has, since childhood, had contact with energies from different dimensions. Her Spirit Guide Zarius, has been a strong influence in awakening her to discover her ability as a channel so that she can today share wisdom, insight and knowledge about the spiritual human being through her work as a Spiritual Teacher, Speaker and Channel.

Guided by Spirit, Vibecke founded the non-profit foundation Soul Energy in Motion in 2017. The soul purpose of the foundation is too assist in the creation of a new earth. Vibecke uses her soul resource as a channel, to bring forth messages of great importance for humanity and assist human race to open up to the frequency and vibration of the New Earth.

In 2013, Vibecke was told by Zarius to gather a group of people which were to be known as the first Torchbearers. Through channeling sessions, they would receive messages that would awaken them to the power of the universe and in 2014 the book Awaken to the Power of the Universe was published. The book contains excerpts from channeling sessions with the Torchbearers over a periode of one year.

Vibecke founded ATG academy in 2008, where she teaches about soul energy on the physical level. Vibecke is a trained Master NLP Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist. She is the first person in Norway to be certified by the Newton Institute as a Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist.

As a Spiritual Teacher and speaker she has published several articles and participated on TV and radio shows. Following her souls path Vibecke has been on the hit shows the Bachelor (Ungkaren) in 2003, The Sixth Sense (Jakten på den 6. sans) in 2010 and the Farm (Farmen) in 2019. All of which has been guided by spirit.

Vibecke met her husband right after the Bachelor and they got married in Florida, USA in 2005. Her vision, of having two girls in her early thirties, manifested itself when she welcomed her first baby girl in 2005 and her second baby girl in 2007. Vibecke lives with her family in Moss, Norway and travels the world in her work as a Spiritual Teacher, Speaker & Channel for Zarius & The Order of 7.

I live my life with the intent of being true to who I am. Only then can I live my souls purpose and truly be a channel of love. By sharing my life journey with others, my hope is to inspire others to live their lives from an open heart and to discover the power of soulful living life. You can learn more about Vibecke Garnaas through the following channels:

YouTube: Soulwizdom TV




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