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Sep 25, 2021


Black Women Living Abroad Series



Najoh Tita-Reid is the Global Chief Marketing Officer for Logitech, where her responsibilities include worldwide marketing, brand equity, creative, branded and DTC ecommerce sites, and marketing transformation. Tita-Reid was inspired to join the technology industry in order to directly contribute to the meaningful advances the industry can make in improving lives.

Prior to joining Logitech in 2020, Tita-Reid was Global Chief Marketing Officer and Member of the Executive Board at Hero AG, where she built the company's first truly global innovation pipeline, removing silos to foster cooperation across 11 global and regional food brands, while leading significant growth across key markets. Earlier, Tita-Reid held diverse general management, marketing and product development roles with some of the world's largest pharmaceutical, health care and consumer product companies, including Bayer, Merck and Procter & Gamble. As SVP at the GlobalHue Advertising Agency in New York, Tita-Reid delivered the largest communication effort for African Americans in US government history, working on a cross-cultural national team for the 2010 Census. Throughout her career, Tita-Reid has developed groundbreaking initiatives, including the award-winning My Black is Beautiful platform and community.




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