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Jun 13, 2021


Natsune Oki is the host of LifeUpEducationTV, a public speaker, the author of the book called "The Game Of Self Domination," and the managing director of an international project management service called ForeignConnect.

After graduating from high school, Natsune went to the U.S. and studied business & economics. She’s worked in and with multiple small to middle-sized tech companies while she was still a student where she realized her passion for entrepreneurship & her life mission to contribute to the progress of humanity. She then worked as a digital marketer at a business consulting company all while founding her own clothing business and building her own business agency. 

She now runs all of the operations of ForeignConnect and creates all contents for LifeUpEducationTV to make people feel happy, smile, worthy, confident, and inspired.




Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life® Podcast Creator, Host, and Producer:  Loronda C. Giddens