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May 17, 2020

Derrick Butts is a master motivator, communicator and influencer.

He is the founder of Assist U2 Win, a global organization designed to connect people to their unique purpose in an atmosphere of mutual collaboration. This passion to motivate others has been a theme of his life beginning as early as 1996 graduating from Martin High School in Arlington, Texas as a basketball All Star Athlete. Athletic teamwork helped to mold him. The attitude of interdependent relationships set on a common course during years of being on the court inspired him. His own contribution to the team pushed him to accept his life’s calling – to assist others to win in their own lives.

Declining college offers for basketball, Derrick had a strong conviction he should impact others in a different way. Instead of just entertaining others, he wanted to engage them to do great things. He then attended SouthWestern Assemblies of God University earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Studies & Elementary Education. He continued helping others when he began teaching at Acton Elementary and the later launching of his own church. Derrick however wanted to expand his experience and reach. This lead him to the automotive industry. It’s on the showroom of WestWay Ford in Irving his gift of communication and closing the sale began to shine to another level. Excelling rapidly, he moved from being the Top Sales Associate to becoming the Sales Manager and then General Sales Manager within a few short years. In 2010 Derrick joined the AutoNation Family as both the Finance Director & General Sales Manager. Having exceeded expectations, Derrick was promoted to General Manager of his own store at AutoNation Toyota in 2015. Derrick continued in the automobile industry sharpening his skills, building teams, resolving conflicts, closing sales, developing individual staff, problem solving, setting, meeting and exceeding business goals.

Derrick is a people person. He is a hidden asset behind the success of notable people and organizations who seek out his creative ideas and strategic thinking. He has been featured on FOX News, NBC & Channel 11. He is a John Maxwell Certified Coach servicing both the corporate and non-profit arenas speaking to audiences of all types. Derrick has taken his experience over the past 20 years and perfected a personal and business coaching system to help others live their best lives now. As the CEO of AssistU2Win & O.W.E. Derrick has made available to the masses, information that used to be available only in the boardroom.

He is a well sought after coach, trainer and strategist who is exceptionally gifted at public speaking. He is engaging, practical, generous and funny. Derrick’s previous experience as a pastor coupled with his corporate training makes him a great choice for a business or spiritual event. He currently lives in Texas with his family and can be seen supporting local high school basketball teams in his spare time. Whether on a podium or a using a pulpit, in front of a group or a one on one meeting, Derrick lives his life’s mantra to the full. He will assist u2 win.




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