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Apr 20, 2020

Autumn Simmons is the creator-producer-writer-star of the award-winning sitcom web series, The Quirk Chronicles. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, she debuts her upcoming memoir-essay,  I, Quirky Girl, this summer in 2020, detailing aspects of her upbringing, including how she developed and launched her quirky YouTube web show. 

Employing mother wit and satire, Simmons divulges her most introspective thoughts on women’s issues and female empowerment in relation to: beauty, gender, race, religion, politics, relationships and wellness. Simmons has earned her BA in Communications from Wesleyan College and her MFA in Creative Writing from Rosemont College. 

Also published under, A.R. Bey, she is the recipient of a 2019 Purple Dragonfly book award and a 2020 Mom's Choice Award for her middle-grade novel, Adventures in Boogieland. She has authored the young adult trilogy book series, The Netherworld of Kemet. For more information, visit her official websites at and




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