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Jan 26, 2020


Nicola Gianluca Raimondi, born in Italy in 1974, studies law and starts a forensic career that he decides to leave to devote himself to the study of Marketing, Business Management, Transformational Psychology and Coaching.

He has been a Senior Director abroad for more than 15 years for Multinationals (Tobacco first and Renewable Energy afterwards), Lecturer, Mentor for Entrepreneurial Programs and Universities, Life & Business International Coach.

Since he was young he has been dedicated to esoteric and oriental studies and for 27 years he has been practicing and teaching AIKIDO.  He lives in Denmark and travels frequently world wide, for conferences, workshops and seminars with enthusiasts of Esotericism, Simbology, Business and Leadership, to spread methodologies, tools and opportunities of transformation offered by Ancient Psychology™.




Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life® Podcast Creator, Host, and Producer:  Loronda C. Giddens