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Dec 31, 2019


At the end of 2018, Global Vlogger Morgan Paige Carter decided to quit everything she knew, including her job and college to move to the country Colombia and chase her dreams to become an international Superstar. She influences the world in a positive way and shows people that it is possible to learn a completely different foreign language and culture.  She has always loved the Spanish culture, people, and music. In the states, she was bored, lost, and couldn’t help but feel like she was missing something in her life. Morgan’s escape from her reality was learning Spanish and creating videos and content for Instagram. In her videos, she is known as “La Gringa.”  She speaks Spanish and English in her videos. After months of making videos and getting positive feedback and more and more followers on Instagram, she decided to make a YouTube. After just three months, she reached over 20,000 subscribers. Morgan is absolutely full of love and gratitude for those who have supported her along her journey. Her goal for 2020 and beyond is to continue to grow on Instagram and YouTube and to continue influencing people to follow their hearts and ALWAYS chase their dreams.




Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life® Podcast Creator, Host, and Producer:  Loronda C. Giddens