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Nov 2, 2019

As President and CEO of the National Black MBA Association®, Kay Y. Wallace brings vast experience with an impressive track record in building strategy and delivering results. Kay served as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, where she managed day-to-day operations of the $1.7 billion international project including construction, finance, logistics, games operations, administration, technology, project management, program scheduling and integration. Her professional strengths were next visible on a global stage in post-apartheid South Africa, where she created the first organizational capability strategy for The Coca-Cola Company’s Southern African division. Wallace’s work for this division (of over 500 employees and an annual revenue of $8 billion) was regarded as the company’s best practice and led to her serving as a consultant to other operating divisions around the world.

In 1999, Kay founded and served as director of Effective Solutions, where she coached Fortune 500 executive teams in developing long-term visions, strategic plans, and capability strategies. In 2007, Kay joined Dow AgroSciences where she worked to identify biotechnology opportunities to complement existing agrichemical market segments to maintain global market leadership. In this role, she notably designed and managed an organizational change initiative for the senior executive team and the top 100 company leaders. This initiative paved the way for company leadership to develop, implement and manage an organizational strategy to create a sustainable growth culture for the $5 billion international business.

In 2010, Kay pivoted to the nonprofit sector as Managing Director of Stand Up, a community development organization serving working communities in Atlanta. Kay had administrative oversight for a $1 million grant from The Ford Foundation funding a collaborative of nonprofit organizations to collectively impact systemic community issues. Most recently, Kay served as Managing Director of duka duka, a consulting firm providing a full spectrum of intensive results-based services to navigate and overcome leadership and organizational challenges.

Kay attended the University of Alabama where she received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. She earned her MBA at the Harvard Business School. A native of Alabama, she resides in Atlanta, Georgia.




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