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Sep 15, 2019

An early traveler and public servant, J. Lee-Coley has spent time living on every coast of America. Jonathan "Jazz" started his career early as a child actor, appearing in films and tv shows seen on Nickelodeon, CBS, NBC, TNT, and more. 

 Similarly, his activism started at the tender age of 9 yrs old when he founded Jazz’s Friendz Foundation. Through his organization, he brought gifts and fun to under-privileged and hospital-bound children in over 40 states. However, after becoming aware of Human Trafficking at fifteen he left entertainment to tell the world a more important story.

Lee-Coley’s mission is to help people look for the victims we cannot see, and be a voice for the unheard. While earning his B.S. in Political Science and later his Masters in Public Policy, Jazz researched all forms of Human Trafficking for over 6 years. Now a developing expert, J. Lee-Coley fights against Human Trafficking through public awareness, research, and policy consulting. 

Lee-Coley has worked with international Anti-Trafficking and world changing organizations from Trafficking Free to the Obama Foundation. His activism and public speaking has attracted thousands of people to different rooms to discuss meaningful issues. This changemaker’s impact has been featured in newspapers (TIMES GEORGIAN, The West Georgian), magazines (SCOOP Magazine, The West Georgian), Universities (LUC, WUTC), independent reporters, and more. Talking to J. Lee-Coley makes you want to talk more with others. Invite him to your room to learn why.




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