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Jul 21, 2019

Bhava Jaya is the owner and lead instructor of Yoga Wellness By Kasey.  He has been practicing meditation and Yoga since 2013 and received his 200 hour teacher training certification from Dharma Yoga and a 200 hour Classical Yoga and Meditation Teaching Certification through Kashi Atlanta.
Bhava Jaya worked in both big and small organizations for over 14 years in diverse leadership roles ranging from corporate training, call center start ups, and contact center management.  He understands first hand how workplace stress can impact leadership and employees ability to work effectively.  In consequence, he developed Yoga Wellness by Kasey to directly support and speak to working professionals who are too busy to leave their desks to relieve stress and anxiety.
Yoga Wellness By Kasey provides techniques for business professionals to use both at home and at the office from the comfort of their desk for reducing workplace anxiety, while increasing productivity.
Bhava Jaya has worked directly with companies such as LegalZoom, SAP, and the High Museum.  Moreover, Kasey has taught publicly at apartment communities, martial arts and yoga studios as well as yoga retreats since 2015.




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