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Dec 18, 2021


Black Women Living Abroad Series


Liz Jones a certified yoga teacher, sound healer and spiritual mentor. She's passionate about all things travel and spirituality for people of color. She feels that travel is a tool to reconnect with our lineages, reclaim our traditions, activate our joy, expand our consciousness, and expand as humans. 
Liz  worked at Uber as a Learning and Development Specialist for 5 years. In Dec of 2019 she was breaking up with a woman she was dating, feeling unfulfilled, anxious, and depressed. Liz quit her job and backpacked through Southeast Asia which was the spark of her spiritual awakening. Her awakening led her to yoga, sound, meditation, understanding the chakras, and energy work. 
Now she hosts healing retreats around the world.  Liz teaches people of color how to activate joy, play, pleasure and their vision.
Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life® Podcast Creator, Host, and Producer:  Loronda C. Giddens