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Sep 4, 2022


Black Men Living Abroad Series


My name is Meres J. Weche, and I came of age as an '80s kid in Montreal, Canada. My parents moved to Canada with my younger sister and I from my native Haiti, in the Caribbean, during the 1970s, when I was four years old. Back then, I could only speak Creole and French, but I started learning English when I was 12 by listening to Micheal Jackson's Thriller album.

After spending my summers throughout my teenage years in New York City with relatives (the Bronx ... where I 'may' have come across J-Lo at some point in the 6 train on my frequent trips to Manhattan), I became completely fluent by 16. I later called Ottawa and Toronto home.

After shocking my family at 17 with a 2-year stint in the Canadian army reserves between school semesters as a Grenadier Guard (yeah, with the red suit and black bearskin hat), I first got the travel bug when I jetted off to London, England at 19 for a 4-month working holiday, followed by a backpacking tour of Europe.

Before long, I started feeling the wanderlust calling again. So, I decided to write to the Chairman of the National Bank of Egypt, entirely out of the blue, successfully asking for a summer internship in Cairo, Egypt, at 21 while in university. Sometimes, you just have to ask.




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