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Aug 7, 2022


Black Men Living Abroad Series


Kenric Brooks is always asked, when did you start traveling? Well, I can say that I always remember traveling. We would always travel to the family farm on the weekends or the beach every summer.  I joined the boy scouts; we also traveled to different campsites and states. Some of my fondest memories as a child were at places I have traveled. There were terrific memories from outdoor activities to beaches. 

My love for travel continued throughout my military career. I lived in Germany for over three years. While there, I took a trip to Pairs, Netherlands, and more. Driving along the countryside, beautiful green fields and vineyards in the distance France and many places in Europe is where my love for travel and food flourished. 

In 2018, after retiring from the military and working in the private sector for two years. I suffered a mental break. I was in search of myself. Within the last seven years, I experienced several significant life-changing events. It was then that I turned back to travel. In 2018 I started my journey to travel to all 206 countries and territories. And like everyone, 2020 happened. 2020 helped me realize the genuine connection we have to each other and the need to feed that connection with family, friends, and experiences. I’m more determined than ever to see this journey, though. 

I am on a long and challenging process of personal change and development. I travel through unfamiliar countries to learn about or familiarize myself with the culture and share the experience with others. I intend to connect with the people who have been dispersed from their original homeland to understand the connection with the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of the particular nation.




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